The Sarcastic Toaster by Prisoner#1
The Sarcastic Toaster by Prisoner#1
Another Prisoner1 ansi, with a
special greet to Melissa in
New Orleans..the ansi maybe
mine, but the body is all
hers. Magnus where are
you? Kekulus - an 8-bit
soundblaster does make a
good frisby. Palehorse -
get your OWN system. Hey,
Dresden, always were a
philosophical-warrior type
werent cha. And dont
forget those FiRE bums...
Halaster and everyone else
I didnt name.
This is for Eerie, the coolest
sysop on the Planet, no doubt.
The Title is Valkiere among clouds and skulls, with butterfly and leaf.
....but only cause Im too lazy to put in a real background. -P1
Doze brown things are leaves!!! hey 33, now we even! - Hal :
Sarcastic Toaster
Sysop: EerieRelic
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Running THE wierdest renegade ever!
Ansi by Prisoner1FiRE Font by HalasterFiRE
Dont you wish ALL the leaves were falling?