June 1997 OutWorld Arts Pack
OutWorld Arts has moved to its own domain at:
This was my husbands idea. He said I needed my own domain,
so now I have my own domain. : I guess hes still the boss.
I have created a chat room on DALnet. The name is outworldarts.
Ill check in on Fridays between 8pm-11pm EST. You can check on your
request, make a request, ask questions or anything else. The global
DALnet address is irc.dal.net, but I suggest you use spider.dal.net.
If you dont know about IRC or mIRC, a good source of information is
at the mIRC Homepage at:
You can also download the latest mIRC IRC Client from there.
Once youve looked at the ansis in this file, youll probably realize
that I converted them from some of my rips. I only used rips that I
drew myself, so the ansis are still original to some extent. I had
the flu this month and didnt get to start anything until June 19th.
Yeah, I know, what kind of nut gets the flu in the summer.....
Thats why everything looks rather unfinished this month. I really
had to rush everything to get this finished in time.
Ive actually managed to get quite a few requests finished and sent
out. The current version of The Magic Gate v1.08 tmg108.zip
has been released and can be downloaded from my files page or from:
Its a really neat game with alot of great features. Sysops might
want to download this one.
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