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List of Files and Descriptions 6k
File Descriptions
This text of files and their descriptions
on my web page and at the OutWorld Arts
ftp site, in .ZIP format
filedesc.txt 17k
File Descriptions
This text of files and their descriptions
on my web page and at the OutWorld Arts
ftp site.
Utilities 15k
Ansi to Exe v1.2
Change ansi.ans files to executable.exe files. 18k
A2R v1.00
Ansi to Rip conversion
utility. Converts ANSI screens to
RIP format for use with new RIP
standard terminals. Fully functional
user supported software. 20.00 US 97k
Ansi 2 Rip
A conversion program which
will convert your ANSI menu screens
into RIP graphics format. You may edit
the converted screen files with any RIP
graphics editor to add a more
professional touch. 75k
ACiDDraw v1.20
ACiDDraw v1.20 is the latest drawing
utility which allows creation and
manipulation of ANSI/ASCII images.
/C/ASM/COM/BIN/PCBOARD save formats.
ACiDDRAW also has the follow features
4 editing pages at 1000 lines each, 160
column editing mode, VGA viewing,
text justification, and much, much
more. Try it for yourself!
c1995 ACiD Productions 21k
Ansi Optimizer - Version 1.1
Get rid of unnecessary ANSI sequences 53k
Fonts for TheDraw
AVD-430.ZIP 190k
ACiD View - Enhanced File Viewer V4.21 f/DOS
The most comprehensive graphical art viewer
in production. This innovative program is
capable of displaying ANSI, BIN, GIF, JPG,
RIP, and XBIN graphics. In addition, the
viewer has been designed with a special
interest for those who multi-task. ACiD
View utilizes its own internal ANSI engine,
making capable of viewing ANSI without a
seperate device driver. Other features
include slideshow, GIF screen capture,
and modem emulator. 96k
- Tired of the flames and the spams?
- Want to provide a wide range of
topics for your users at a VERY
affordable price?
- Want a friendly, safe environment
for you and your users?
- Here is the complete starter package
for joining CNFDNet ---- now you can
add international echo mail to your
BBS at no charge! the only cost
is your phone bill
- This Network is small enough to be
friendly, yet large enough to span
the globe.
- You will love it!
* CircuitNet Front Door Network * 482k
******** Dead Paint v.3.1 *********
Dead Paint is a full featured paint
program for creating RIP Remote
Imagin Protocol Scrip files.
Shareware version is uncrippled,
has instead a 10 seconds nag.
* Full set of drawing tools
* Buttons and GUI tools
* Fast save and load
* PCX, Windows ICO and ANSI import
* Customizable tool box
* Easy to use interface
* Object oriented
* 4DOS file description
...and much more! Reg fee only 25
Includes utilities for RIP and ICN
viewing. 640k
DerekWare HTML Author 3.0 b4
Fully 32-bit Windows 95 application
Supports all HTML 2.0 tags and Microsoft
Internet Explorer 3.0 extensions. Intelligent
tag formatting, allowing the user to select
the text to be formatted and click a button.
Tag Wizards for the more complicated tags,
including font changes, extended horizontal
rules, images, dynamic images, links, marquees
and forms. A customizable tag list, allowing
the user to add, remove and modify user-
defined tags. 18k
The EagleNet Communications Network
Copyright c 1996 Jeff Irvine/Rod Taylor
No more wimpy networks!
EagleNet Communications Network info and
application package for December 1996.
EagleNet has over 100 message areas, over
30 file areas, InterBBS games, over 90
gated newsgroups, and much more! 129k
Freeview 1.2,
An awsome command line *.RIP
file Viewer! **FREEWARE** Supports
displays every RIP command. Great for
viewing RIPs in messages with an offline mail
reader. It has a trace mode for finding
problems with RIPs. Requires EGA or better
graphics and 300Kb free memory. Supports VGA
and Adlib sound. 101k
ANSIrez 1.0
Converts GIFS to ANSIcode. Image
processing allows you to boost, scale,
filter and paint before converting to
ANSI. VGA and MOUSE required.
By Fred Bertagnolli 11k
ICO2ANS v1.00
ICO2ANS is a simple application to convert
Windows 3.1 icons to ANSI graphic files. 139k
iZ 1.0 Official Release
iZ 1.0 lets you to encrypt Zip files into your
Jpg images. At the end youll have a Jpg file !
Consider it as a normal Jpg image file and at
the same time as a normal Zip archive. 231k
JDraw Pro v4.2:
The most advanced RipScrip draw package. Supports
full Ripscrip 1.54 specs. Features Object oriented
editing, drag, resizing, list editor, etc.
Generates C/Pascal source code. 372k
JMedia v2.0:
The ultimate graphics program for creating presentations,
demos, magazines,tutorials, and RIP BBS menu screens.
JMedia is a complete authoring system. It comes complete
with an Integrated Development Environment IDE allowing
you to edit, test, and debug your applications.
Now FREEWARE!!! 183k
JView v6.0:
A RIP Scrip viewer. Fast and reliable. View files with
the file selector or by command line. Also views Windows
3 ICO files. Also includes file tagging/viewing and
slide show mode. Text Window, Ansi Graphics and music.
Now FREEWARE!!! 10k
Pcx2Icn v3.0:
Converts PCX files to 16 color RIP Icon ICN format.
Pcx2Rip v3.0:
Pcx2Rip v3.0: A true PCX/BMP/ICO to RipScrip
converter. This is NOT a PCX/BMP/ICO to RipScrip
icon converter. It converts PCX/BMP/ICO files to
actual rip codes. FREEWARE!!! 2k
Text File for Converting WMF to RIP
Instructions on useing WMF2RIP program
to convert Windows Meta Files to RIPScrip
For RIP screens not Icons 50k
A RIP file manipulator that SCALES,
objects from existing .RIPs. 160k
RIP Sketch v1.11 -
Easy to use RIPscrip editor for creating and
editing online RIP graphics and menus.
Requires EGA or better and a mouse. Supports
Adlib sound.
SPOON211.ZIP 25k
Spoon II - SAUCE Description Editor V1.10
SPOON II - the most configurable SAUCE editor
ever. Through its INI file, one can custom-
ize things such as file sorts, the name of
their organization, and up to 100 abbreviated
names. 7k
Strip7 -- Take the 7h thing out of ansi
made with the unregistered version of TheDraw
Take the 7h thing out of ansis 87k
TheBrush -- Ansi editor that can convert
.BMP or .PCX files to ansi. Freeware 34k
Tickertape v1.0
A text to RIP tickertape conversion utility.
Converts any existing text file to a RIP
tickertape. 35k
Fonts for TheDraw by various artists 283k
A text-oriented screen design tool. Similar
is some regards to a graphics paint program.
Offers multiple page SPRITE editing, powerful
Ansi ANIMATION support, Ansi/Ascii FONTS,
pulldown menus, full mouse support online
help. Saves files for ANSI, ASCII, AVATAR,
C/Pascal/QuickBasic, and source code in Asm
Pascal and C formats. Registr: 22-25 122k
vANSI v2.05 c Pursuit!
800 Lines Edit Space,
12 Load/Save Formats,
Win95 Long Filenames,
SAUCE, VGA Viewing... 142k
Winrip v1.0
The RIP Graphics Conversion Utility is a
Windows program which converts images from
many graphics formats to the ICON format used
by RIP Paint, RIP Term and the RIPScript language.
This program supports the GIF, PCX, BMP, DIB, TIF
and TGA file formats and creates the ICN file format.
This program was written in Visual Basic 2.0 and
requires the file VBRUN200.DLL to operate. 13k
Windows Meta File to RIPScript Converter
Converts .WMF to .RIP Files
Doorgames that Ive doneor am doing graphics for 147k
Avalon v0.77 Wide Beta 3
Many have thought they
have seen all there is
to BBS door-gaming....
*** THINK AGAIN! ***
Avalon creates an entirely
new world with explosive
options, game-interaction,
and an awesome story-line!
Live The Epic...In AVALON! 207k
Drakeville v3.0
The exiting 4 player engine RPG
gets even better. You can now play
evil parties. Superb combat! IGM
support ,ansi bulletins and much
more. Who will be the first to
kill MALAKY or the COUNCIL! 346k
G O T H I K v1.6
G O T H I K v 1.6 -- Shareware Release
Copyright C 1997 AQUARIUS Software
GOTHIK is a BBS door RPG game with a
modern gothic vampire setting.
Iron Ox 3.00:
-- A New Universe!
Ox is the first door of any kind to
include full EGA/VGA RIP graphics,
real-time multinode play, and interBBS
league support. Enjoy beautiful RIP
art, land developments like forts and
refineries, programmable drones that
fight and work the land in real time,
and much more. Dont miss this game! 351k
ROK Version 2.00 -- By Devon Brooks
Eight Months ago, the original ROK exploded
onto the BBS world and quickly captured the
1 door-game spot on countless BBSs around
the planet. Now, in a 98 total re-write,
ROK returns bigger and better than EVER!!!!
If youve ever wanted the BEST RPG door for
your BBS - then ROK is the door youve been
looking for! Too many options to list! It
is simply a must have for any SysOp who has
top quality and awesome doors on their BBS!
Install ROK on your BBS...and it will never
be the same...really! The ROK is *AWESOME*!
-Devon Brooks, BFS Inc.
E-Mail: 311k
/-- The Magic Gate 1.07 --
The Magic Gate is a true multi-node door set in
a medieval town plagued by problems and strange
occurances. In this world, you can choose from
any of 6 professions and advance through 20
levels in each of them and help to rid the town
of these creatures. To do that though, you must
enter a portal that will take you through both
time and space. This archive includes all the
documents necessary to create your own addition
to the world via a simple scripting language. 753k
The Children of Darkness
are back! Amazing new door release!
Works great on all BBSs. The Most
Best Graphics. A Major Upgrade, Loaded
with new features! Completely Multinode
******** A MUST DOWNLOAD!! ************
Your users will love you for it! 931k
Vampires FX v1.0
Using the FX Sound System and
FXWAVES.ZIP your RIP 2.2 users
will hear 168bit Sound while
playing Vampires! Its Awesome!
Doesnt effect Ansi or RIP 1.54
Midnights Realm 505831-0797
for VAMPV20.ZIP doorgame, above 186k
Vampires FX v1.1
Using the FX Sound System and
FXWAVES.ZIP your RIP 2.2 users
will hear 168bit Sound while
playing Vampires! Its Awesome!
Doesnt effect Ansi or RIP 1.54
from Mike Collard 505831-0797
Update to VAMPFX01.ZIPabove
Updated rips for the original Vampire FX System.
You must have VAMPFX01.ZIP to use these.
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February 1996 Artpack 42k
March 1996 Artpack 39k
April 1996 Artpack 54k
May 1996 Artpack 51k
June 1996 Artpack 46k
July 1996 Artpack 48k
August 1996 Artpack 78k
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October 1996 Artpack 35k
November 1996 Artpack Holiday Screens 37k
January 1997 Artpack 60k
February 1997 Artpack 17k
March 1997 Artpack 24k
April 1997 Artpack 53k
May 1997 Artpack 75k
Collection of Star Wars Rips 58k
Collection of Ansi
If youve been downloading my artpacks,
youve probably seen most of these. 568k
A Collection of most of my Rips.
If youve been downloading my artpacks,
youve probably seen most of these. 11k
Collection of Windows Icons 29k
Info about OutWorld Arts
out-dist.txt 5k
Outworld Arts distribution site list
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