April 1996
Here is the April art pack. I wish I could find time to do some VGAs and
some ASCII, but...no go. This file is a mix of ANSI and RIP.
To those of you who downloaded this from my web page, I hope you like the
new lay-out of the page. I put up some utilities that people have been
asking for in addition to my older files. I had to separate the links and
files pages, since they were getting too big.
Thanks to everyone who has been kind enough to leave me feedback,
encouragement and especially those of you who are still patiently
waiting for your requested screens. I didnt forget! I just got a
little backed up.
Next month, I plan to start releasing menu sets. Hopefully Ill be
be able to find time to do something you would want on your bbs! :
Thats it for now, I guess, any feedback can be left at the email
address below.
Thanks for downloading this! Hope you enjoy it and use whatever you want
out of it.
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