ophidiaCk - go to hell,.
you call me a ripoff,. look at
ansi by
hazard / man on
charge: mice / r
1ght hand: corey
ara blend dupe membe
rboard ...
new colors
ascii is not ar
t, it is pure information! :
i learned from
ld!@ phuck!
first of all,. ive done no pictures for a loo-ong
time., so dont say this is
lame,. ahem. this was orginally suppo
sed to go to exulted,. but
the man fo
some reason left the scene,. so gbye man. hmm. wel
l then i was just thinking:
who is gonna get this great piece of shit .. :
,. first i
thought about
ampersand, but then i realized that 33
rie doesnt really need this
ahem and
it would have been lame blaablaablaa,.. etc shit li
ke that and i
realized my
pal m1ce is then man who will appreceate
this something b
laablaabkaa. who
cares. extra kisses hugs go to:
v1lle, tarot,
charon, mice
some oth
people who i seem to have forgotten,
for their comments and opinions.
as you
can see this has been
done in long perioid blaabla
ablaa so my
style has
changed a bit and blah blah blah. big hi-ho to
dieznyik and samsara-klan,..
guess thats it,. -corey
do nut call me a ripoff,. i may be one, but thats
not what i want to hear!