touch of class?:) by reflexion
touch of class?:) by reflexion
greets fly out to:
rwbladE hey.. show me
up in the vga:
pfmilK umm program like
reflexion! hell for milk:
internet: or call my board, the nup
is aquaduck ... ionosphere/2 916-722-9457. or on the odium whq.
not saying this ansi has any of this class stuff but the board must have...
a touch
--82 lines of girlish fun.. uh yeah------------------------------------------ you know, i have no idea what a touch of class is, but i drew up this ansi and
i decided i had to fuckin release the thing since i already was late with
getting enuf good work done. i have been lazy this month. lazier than like,
ever before: why? i am not getting ANY requests from you people. give me
something to release dangit!: i will draw you whatever dammit: just give
me something! : contact me PLEASE: