may'98 newslettah by nph staff
may'98 newslettah by nph staff
nitrophusion art grewp
sixth phusion grp infOz
texted by cleanerNPH
ansied by darkyNPH
P H read on..
Well, this is the sixth Nitrophusion artpack, released in may 98.
First of all i would like to welcome some new members in the group.
The first one happens to be Alex Kidd, who draws real kewl newschool
ascii, and will continue to improve i guess : The second one is none
other than Yogin, who also joined us as a ppe coder, welcome 2 u dude!
Last but not least, Froggy joined, and will code ppe for us!
This month we get another memberboard! : right, Sylvio opened a new
bbs called Arsenik. A few words about our ftp account: the new adress
is, be sure to check it out
for releases.
As you have probably noticed, we do not have much art this month. In
fact it seems that most of our members are inactive : Hope itll
change soon, we need you! Hopefully, we got a guest apparence for this
pack! Bisounours, a french artist stopped drawing, damn.. former
member of Tiny Toons and Fire gave us a great ansi tutorial! Vibroboy
also did something for us, and i would like to thanks both of them!
And remember were always looking for members, if ya wanna apply, send
a mail to Darky or Cleaner with some examples of your work.
Here come a few words about me Cleaner. Well, i recently left all
the artgroups i was in. Why? Just because i was bored to draw for all
those groups and drawing in general... And anyway I have a big lack
of time for drawing, cuz im getting more involved in the demoscene as
a coder in Fire Dream. Anyway i havent completely left the artscene,
ill remain a member of Nitrophusion and continue to organize the
group and to draw some ansi/ascii. I just wanted to say that i enjoyed
being in all the groups i was in!