.:(wired 97 ansi * unfinished * ):. by .:(darky'):.
.:(wired 97 ansi * unfinished * ):. by .:(darky'):.
darky nitrophusion
presents an original anzi screen
for the wired97 anzi compo
ctc at +33-03-80780508
goo-r00 voodoo puppet senser
thorin iznogoud basil mdrg
and all my crazy palz.. 2 all
of nph.
okay.. its the beginning of an ansi originally made for the wired97 compo..
but because of major fuck ups in the trips organisation and due to major
fuckers.. too i couldnt go to the party.. :
so here is the beginning of the ansi i wuz planning to present..
there was no point in continuing it.. as the wired logo doesnt allow me to
use it for another ansi.. :
anyway.. here it is..