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Noir 2000 ArtPack
- Release Information -
Dear pack viewer,
We are back. - yes, i know. You can find this line in almost every .nfo
of our packs, however, this summerbreak indeed was longer than our average
ones. We had lots of time to collect nice art and to create a pack that we
hope everyone will enjoy! There is not that amount of news what youd
possibly think of an artgroup with a break of 5 months would have. Some artists
left, other ones joined. first of all, we wish all the best to them. The ones
that left, of course shall have a nice future and we hope to see them again.
the ones that joined wed like to welcome:
Atomica, a guy rather long known by some of us. Hes not only a
great artist, but also shows huge effort in helping noir to grow. He even
did HTML and design for this pack. Gog and Witness are compared to Atomica
new to most of us. both are also great at art and very nice people!
So now we dont want to hold you back from the art anymore. enjoy!
black weasel
The Noir Art Entertainment Team
- Group Members -
- coordinators -
bweasel bweasel@noir.org
cyberd cyberd@noir.org
rival rival@noir.org
ryan ryan@noir.org
the solo thesolo@noir.org
- artists -
atomica atomica@noir.org
atomic playboy atomicp@noir.org
badpeon badpeon@noir.org
death bringer deathbr@noir.org
dzeni dzeni@noir.org
fsmart fsmart@noir.org
gog gog@noir.org
ladi ladi@noir.org
levicieux levicieux@noir.org
lord creeper lordcreeper@noir.org
merchant merchant@noir.org
nimbus4 nimbus4@noir.org
shea shea@noir.org
plecxus plecxus@noir.org
ron4711@noir.org ron4711@noir.org
w4 w4@noir.org
xrascalx xrascalx@noir.org
- distro -
the badlands isdn/analog +49 911 695947
sysop is bad peon http://i.am/badlands
- Information -
Noir is here to bring you what you need.
If your an artist come to noir on efnet.
PS: We need some ascii artwork for our nfo
if you can help us contact a coordinator
or any other member.