L i A r S t R a I t o R s
A r T P a C k
J u L y 2 o 2 2
today, most of the population of the world does not trust government. leaders
lie to their citizens, we know they are lying, they know we know they are lying
yet the lies persist. to be a politician we must demand that everything they
tell us is true. they have a responsibility to ensure the words they speak are
facts at the risk of their job. we would not accept lies from the businesses
we deal with yet government is replete with liars and traitors. they put their
own interests, power and money above their job of serving the people.
Every lie we tell incurrs a debt to the truth. Sooner or later
that debt is paid
congratulations and a big hello to the people of Sri Lanka. you have started
down the path to return government to the people. the theives will not allow
this and fight you at every step. the hardest part now is to never give up.
exchanging one tyrant for another solves nothing.
is there anyone who believes Joe Biden is actually running the country? he is a
puppet. a fake leader for a dying nation. ruled by a hidden committee this once
great nation cannot make a correct move. failure follows failure, lie follows
lie and blame placed everywhere except where it belongs. at what point can
incompetance no longer be used for an excuse for selling your own nation out?
sold to china or just for profit the crime is still treason.
false righteousness has been mastered by the prime minister to our north. never
faltering to be offended as the current style demands. false words and false
apologies and yet displays hatred toward his own citizens, who he should serve.
names do not make an object. calling a nation the Republic of North Korea does
not make it a republic. Free elections unbiased media a vaccine Democratic
values a woman justice truth invasion police are all words that have lost
their meaning thanks to liars and traitors.