G o D s G u N s
A r T p A c K
J u N e 2 o 2 2
health problems have been with me all my life. i have lived more in my mind that in what you know as reality, it has been a life
of imagination of history of stories. the world is filled with stories of heroes, of those who achieve things others cannot.
for me life is separated by those who do, and those who do not. i unfortunately would never have been a great general or even a
climate activist. but in truth even if i was born without my physical limitations, would i be anything more than a laborer? this
world is filled with bureaucracy to favor the powerful. most of us will not do anything of any importance. the greek and roman
gods were their pychology before such science was created. what are the archetypes of the gods our modern stories tell?
With Gods n Guns I want to explore why people with the power, the ability, the right and even the duty to make a difference choose
to do nothing. They choose to prevent others from acting. Politics is the excuse people use when asked why they do not do what
is right.
Z a a r i n