Ansi Colly by Cynic
Ansi Colly by Cynic
---- Small Ansi Colly --------------------------------------------------------
: cc!
Sysgod: Cynic Cosys: Lord Eden .
0-7 dayz strict pc warez only 1.3 gigz online
+28k8 only +46-8-U WISH!
---- Mortuary ----------------------------------------------------------------
Dimension of Future Coders
---- DFC Logo for Break the Border -----------------------------------------
Sysop: Asperon Stile Memberboard +46-19-464470
---- The Black Libraray ------------------------------------------------------
End of it..
For request: Mail me att freezing moon or an other board im on..
Quick Greeetz: Lord eden, Crucifier, Heinrich, Cyberwolf,
Crimson, Wiz, o gooosh.. i forgot someone..