member profile of leprosy by liithn
member profile of leprosy by liithn
--member profile of leprosy by liithn------------------------------------------
hi, liithn here, about 1 hour before the nh! deadline leprosy called my
board and started bugging me about downloading some art pack.. so since
i was in a funny mood i started making an member profile of him, so here it is, the member profile of leprosy!
handle : leprosy
real first name : peter
age : 19
artistic makings : ascii
started drawing : 93
girlfriend : anna, 18 hobbies besides computing : playing with annas cunt
listen to what sort of music : death/black metal
looking for what kind of boys : straight!
favourite artist : catbones
favourite group : acid
best scene friend : liithn
someone hating in the scene : liithn
favourite board : grind favourite sysop : liithn! leprosy when seeing Anna favourite game : command conquer
favourite ppe : black death all of em
favourite Gfx card : matrox mga millenium
favourite .exe file : griskuk.exe
favourite crucifier sentence : cruzzidull
favourite interviewer : liten
favourite food : pizza
favourite movie : SE7EN
favourite talk show : david letterman
user profile of leprosy made by liithn on saturday the 3:th in march 96..