N A T i O N R A P
H i C S 1 9 9 4
Greetings and salutations all you ansi spaztics! Boy oh boy,
what can I say, but does it feel good to be back! And are we
excited! For those of you just joining us, a few months ago E
ternitys name was taken off the list of active art groups. W
ell I guess Dorothy was right when she clicked those heels to
gether and said Theres no place like home. And as Im sure
you have noticed, this home has been renovated. Eternity has
gone through somewhat of a
metamorphisis. Alot of things have changed, but the heart of
Eternity is still alive. Now as you look at the member list, and
begin to familiarize yourself with us, you will notice some major
differences from Eternity. Mainly the name and the new lineup of
members. Well, why the new name? We felt that if we were to achieve a
fresh new start it would be more fitting to choose a new name. And
that we did. As for our members, what can I say, but we sure are glad
to have them aboard for the fun. These are the guys that make Nation
What is Nation?
Now what is Nation? Nation is just a bunch of guys that want to
work together and produce monthly compilations of artwork. And of
course, have alot of fun doing it. Thats as simple as it gets
kiddies. Were not claiming to be anything that were not and we dont
care what you have to say about us. We are having alot of fun an
thats what its all about.
OK, next month we debut the very first issue of Poop! A minature
magazine that will be released in every Nation pack. It will feature
all kinds of nifty little things including interviews with Nation
memebers every month! So stay tuned next month for POOP-01.EXE, and
prepare to snicker:
Deeply Disturbed here, cutting in for a second, just to tell
you guys that Nations CHQ SUiCiDAL SHRiMP is temporeraly down. Now
we set up a board that will be temping for SS wich is called SUiCiDAL
SHRiMP hey look at that what a coincidence the number is: 514 694-82
The Old SS will be back up when i get me lazy ass out a bed. thats it
enjoy the pack.
Where can we be reached?
If any of you guys and gals would like find out more information
Nation or get in contact with any Nation member, we can all be reached
United Nations Net. This net can be found on any Nation Member board o
distribution site.
Common questions often asked
Q. Are you accepting distribution sites?
A. Yes and no, generally we pick who we would like as sites. If
dont ask you then you most likely wont receive one. Sorry..
Q. Do you have a lit devision?
A. No, but if you are interested in joining a lit group I would
recommend Reality.
Q. How would I go about applying to become a Nation member?
A. Contact us on any net preferably UNNet Aspiring Nation Memb
and leave us some feedback regarding what you are interested in.
Q. Is Deeply Disturbed really mentaly handicapped?
A. No, he just has a bad case of hemroids. Sorry Mark, I just
had too!
All I have to say is for a weeks work of code, not bad. Most of
time this month was focused on the organization of the group. Well, le
just say we didnt concentrate too much on our viewer and as you can s
its not quite finished. Next month we blow your minds!
Ok, thats all from me folks. Soooo, just sit back, relax, pull
up your pants and enjoy the pack. And remember, this is only the
beginning. Yikes!
Maestro El Presidente De Nation
Howdy doo dahs:
Deeply Disturbed: Im really glad to have you aboard you overl
y opinionated
fellow you:
Somms: You get a greet cause youre cool! : Salright with you
Rad Man: We dont need no stinking Sauce! :
Tempus: So was this too much propaganda for you?
Shihear: Were rubber and youre glue, whatever you say to us
bounces off of
us and sticks to you! Phbbttt!
Tranquility: Damn, you do some amazing ansis guy, do another o
ne for
Death Row anytime! BTW: I will never get into a car with
you again! :
Mr. Sinister: Dont sweat it man, just chill and have fun.
Final Descendant: Youre my bestest friend! :
Spirit Of Illusion: So, you coming with me for one more round
eh? Thanks
for sticking around all this time.
Kamikazee: A discount eh? Thanks:
Marly Man: Please come to Nation! PLEASE!! :
Sociopath Flat Line: Youre like cool cause you come up with
cool new
handles. Thanks for busting your ass helping me
with Nation.
Replay: Come down to my house and well play some old breaking
records. I
even have a piece of cardboard set up for some intense dancing:
Cavalier: I want to be your friend. Will you be my friend? Ple
Magnetic M: Im telling you, I called, its this french thing
thats the
problem... I dont know it! :
Death Karnage: Dont listen to them, your in Nation now. Live
it up! :
Forlorn Extender: You gonna finish that ansi this year? :
Elminster/Golgotha: Gothic was cool but life goes on s
o have a blast at iCE.
The Nation guys: Tonight we celebrate! Party at my house, and
yes, the
Nation babe will be there! Whooopiieeeee!
Cyber-Tike: Thanks for the help and good luck with that contes
t thingy!
MindCrime: Thanks for doing the viewer in such short notice. I
knew I
could count on you.
Anyone I missed: Well, I didnt forget about you, Im just too
damn lazy
to put you in here. Come on! Or, you just might not
deserve a greet. Damn, this is way too long.