Alrighty, welcome to NaCs first release since god knows when...
A few things to get straight:
1 If you havent seen the article in Strife, you might want to take a
look at it and find out what NaC is all about. It is included as the
2 Any ANSi/VGA with the initial letter K, ie. K-WAVE.GIF is NOT an NaC
production. It is actually a shameless self promotion of art Ive done
with the INTENT to make it look decent. Most of its old, but Ive had
nowhere to release it until now, so here it is.
Ok, now on with the pack. Theres no sauce or anything like that because
were too lame. So here are some brief descriptions.
PZ-*.NAC All of Puddlezs doodlings and sketches brought live and
in full colour to you, the lucky viewer.
PS-*.NAC All of my pathetic ramblings, which combined with Puddlez
connects the knock out punch in proving that WE are the
truely worst group ever.
K-*.??? HEY!! Remember THIS IS NOT NAC stuff!! ok, sorry i just have
to cover my back here because i said NaC doesnt do BBSs
and they dont, but a couple of these are boards.
Once youve seen this pack or at least thats what they call it I dont
think youre gonna need any more explanation than what is already here.
Hey, and if we can do it, so can YOU!! go out and draw all the NaC crap
you want and stick it everywhere.. join the NaC movement.. fight for your
rights as an ANSi viewer, show people what ansi SHOULDNT look like and
maybe some day theyll learn.
Next month : look forward to a bit more artwork, this pack is kinda small
but well try and do more next time!