The Crimson Waters by blIndman
The Crimson Waters by blIndman
Now, where did I put
that damn ansi !
yeah, I know, Ill ok, time for some
do another SIG blInd greets to my
soon, sometime closest buds !
proze, sabotage,
sharp edge, assaylant, serial killer, felony, divine, dreadfull,
stimpy, stain, cyko
marvel coics c blindman presents a motion prduction
d - m o t i o n
a yeah,, I know Ive been n lazy with the reqs, but now Im back and kickin
-/- t H E c R I M S O N w A T E R S --
-/- Motion WHQ Evolution WHQ Blur WHQ Awards 95 WHQ --
-/- Twilight CANHQ Rust CANHQ Endless CANHQ Pulse CANHQ --
-/- Vain CANHQ Logik CANHQ Ugly CANHQ Faith CANHQ Tric CANHQ --
-/- Ice MEMBER Spastic DISTRO Shiver DISTRO Blade DISTRO Queso DISTRO --
-/- Revolt DISTRO Grip DISTRO Infinity DISTRO Coar DISTRO Dps DISTRO -- -/- Nation DISTRO Suicide DISTRO Dirty Dozen DISTRO Cia DISTRO --
-/- the staff Assaylant Proze Fractal --
6 1 3 - 7 3 6 - 5 3 4 4
just call