magnum interface by Tincat
magnum interface by Tincat
MAGnum release v.???
by the one and only sylphid aka goat
a mistigris coding division production
hey sylphid! i told you i was gonna do you an ansi didnt i?!
well hey man, this could be used in so many places man. like..
umm.. well.. i dunno.. oh! you could use it as an info file
---------------header! yeah! or whatever you want.----------------cut here
anyways, i know MAGnum is gonna be hip as fuck man. keep
working the good work man. im thinking of starting up an emag
of my own, what do you think of the name sparkplug?
anyways, i hope you like this ansi. you can edit it and change
it and whack it up as much as you want man.
oh and congrats on sfu and i hope you drink more beer than a
russian street whore.