Gosh, here we are in the future, and here we are doing something these wild
and woolly info-anarchists of the 90s never in a million years anticipated:
stating out terms for fair use of the art contained in this archive.
We havent just gotten uptight in our boneless dotage, actions on the part of
our fans and colleagues really have forced our hand in this matter! We do
fully expect however that anyone viewing the artpacks on 16colors or visiting
our website will have long since internalised all these unwritten guidelines,
and that its the randos on social media -- who wont be visiting the source
or experiencing the works in their intended context, sand consequently... will
never be reading this in a million years -- we mostly need to worry about.
There is an understanding that some parties are given license to use computer
art from artpacks. If Bob draws an ANSI screen for Johns BBS Deadly Bladez
and releases it in a g00bers artpack coordinated by TheDankGonch, it is
understood that Bob can share it look at this great art I made last week!,
John can share it Bob made this great ad for my BBS, PS Im changing its
name to The Fleshlight Of Darkness and TheDankGonch can share it Lots of
good work coming from the g00b c0mmunity this month, check out this screen by
Bob! In the present day, 16colors is on that list also check out this hot
new piece from the fresh g00bz release!. If you love what you see in our
collections this all probably applies to all other artscene releases unless
they specify otherwise and want to share it over social media, but for some
reason cough cough, Instagram are unable to simply reshare the correctly-
attributed posts we make, you should also feel at liberty to post the image
with full credit given to the original artist ideally tagging them as your
choice of venue allows, which should be easy since we bake their ID into
every pieces filename in plaintext.
Can Bob print his art out on posters and sell them? Absolutely, he made the
art! Well, Sam Kieth made the art, Bob just adapted it to ANSI, so he would
be pooh poohed from selling it at Fan Alley at a convention, and Sam might
send him a cease and desist 8 John would be well advised to run any
revisions of the art by Bob, but nominally its his to fold spindle and
mutilate eg. for the needs of Deadly Bladez, to turn into a menu or use on a
business card. But dont sell your BBS art on t-shirts if you didnt make
it, John, thats tremendously gauche! Or if you want to go that way, license
the art from the creator. No one else besides the original artists should be
manufacturing and vending merchandise featuring it. Youre not Bob or John?
Why are you even wondering, of course you need to go ask the original artist
for permission! If you cant figure out how to contact them, please contact
US at info@mistigris.org and we will liaise on your behalf.