MIST1120 newsletter by CoaXCable / CT / Odd
MIST1120 newsletter by CoaXCable / CT / Odd
Digital Culture
Thanks to everyone for
coming out and joining us
Anniversary on the occasion of our 26th
anniversary! I find myself
almost at a loss for words. Spoiler
warning: as you can see below, he gets
over it. Its a bit strange that I would
feel this way, given that after years of
fake it until you make it, it
seems that were finally finding
our rhythm in monthly artpacks,
unleashing more releases and
more art than ever before not
that we can ever release
negative art that counts against our total, but you understand what I mean.
Surely I have more to talk about now than Ive ever had in the past! Who
knows, tireless Cthulu being worn out from filling infofiles might well be
one more of 2020s countless eschatological signposts. Ill run out of words
when Hell freezes over, right? Stay tuned to find out!
0DD cXc
Before I forget, I have to note that for a fun anniversary project in the
vein of our you shade it in your style logo last time around, Odd provided
an ANSI art template allowing artists to customize their own cyber helmet.
Because the premise is a little more, er... abstract, and as perhaps the
artists in our community were still weary of working in small-scale since our
movie theatre screens two months ago, it didnt find as many takers... but
the results are still delightfully whimsical, and so here they are for your
enjoyment and edification!
One thing I like to use the newsletter for is to congratulate and welcome new
artists making their first appearance in Mistigris artpacks and often, in
any artscene production whatsoever! CW is one of that rarest of things, a
second-generation ANSI artist -- currently as extraordinary as hens teeth,
but in the years ahead likely an increasing segment of our hobby. Hats off,
CW, you got in while the going was good! Once the ScrollZ revival kicks
off, this party is over!
At literally the last minute, we recalled wed been reserving the vintage
electronic keyboard sounds, as epitomized by Another Fucking Night In Night
City, of Nicholas Vining, for our next cyberpunk release. This is as close
as its going to get, so here they are -- and here he is, in his artpack debut!
Id also like to extend a big thanks
MiSTiGRiS 26th to Odd and CoaXcable for heeding the
Anniversary !!! call and coughing up FILEID.DIZ and
Pack Num. 1120 infofile artwork on quick turnaround
Cyber / Hacking -- we could only make one the actual
Computers World DIZ, so we feature CoaXs here as
well as a lightbulb from Odds cyber
helmet gallery that wouldnt fit
above!, giving it the consolation
prize of spicing up my tedious
exposition. A huge thanks also to LDA
for opening a short-notice Moebius
server completelynonintegrable.ca,
same password as before for networked
collaborative ANSI art drawing until
+++ Picrotoxins psychosomatica.org finds
i+++++i its feet again. And then, who knows
-- perhaps keep both running in
tandem, to provide an 80x50 outlet for
cXc the Textmode Friends?
A lot of the funnest art appearing in
this collection owes its very
existence to the provision of that
venue, so our appreciation for it
cant be overstated!
Now I have set myself a trap with the
puzzling and arbitrary layout choices
informing this newsletters extensive
use of incidental ANSI art pictures,
making it very difficult for me to
parachute in the next paragraph of
pre-written and preformatted news in
this oddly-shaped column. But I can
take advantage of the overlooked
opportunity to assert this artpacks
implied theme, of cyberspace and
computer culture. As we do every
Except for all of the exceptions.
Hey, I can fit my paragraphs back in now! theres an idea!
But first, one more picture:
@ q w e r t y u i o p
a s d f g h j k l
ANSI BBS z x c v b n m ?
November marks Odds anniversary of getting involved in the underground PC
artscene, so its really a bit weird to see us sharing art from relatively
early in his ANSI career that weve kept bottled up until a thematically
relevant opportunity came up. But its an interesting vignette shedding
light on the peculiar way weve been doing things around here. Weve
discussed at some length on our Discord how we are planning on pursuing a new
direction in 2021, with less of a focus on our unexpectedly successful run
of themed artpacks released on a monthly schedule, and more of a focus on
when its ready projects created by actually-active contributors to our
community vs. what we have head-scratchingly characterised as the
slushpile -- work that isnt exclusive to us or necessarily made with our
audiences in mind, but that we have been given authorization to signal boost
and recirculate. Its perhaps a good thing that weve been looking into
this pivot before having it rudely thrust upon us, since judging by how many
of our nominally-participating artists portfolios have either been exhausted
or actively closed up over the course of 2020, its coming upon us whether we
want it or not! Like the old expression has it: change is inevitable growth
is optional. In the meantime, the last of that wonderful slush is on its way
to your screens, but within a few months we should be done with it forever!
So thanks again for investigating us here in November of 2020 weve got
another pack or two coming up to round out the year, definitely some coming
up in the Spring, and dont forget -- the next Blender competition will be
taking place Jan 16-17! Well have more projects ahead -- not just artpacks,
but other creative works in other mediums such as games and the
long-neglected artscene tradition of the e-mag -- and, well, we have many
options and many opportunities ahead
of us. Also, few other ways to
spend our spare time until the
Covid-19 vaccine becomes widely
- - available.
-- So well see you around!
/ ii
MiST1120 NewsLetter Art By CoaXCable