City is Burning by Nitnatsnoc / TNT
City is Burning by Nitnatsnoc / TNT
Greets go out to all Queen
fans around the world. No,
not the royal person, fool! MiSTiGRi
SIm talking about Queen,
the best group ever to If you want to mumble
exist. Listen to Queen something to me, I
and you will become a suggest you contact me
better person. I really somewhere in the area
mean it. Queen! Queen! code I call home: 604.
Wow, I feel like a fish
Nitnatsnoc today. Blub Blub.
This jolly little fellow I drew
is from Deathmate Red, and his
name is Dutch. Rob Liefeld drew
him, I think.
City is Burning
Pennywise isnt just a coder: its also a band. And now theyve got the board
City Is Burning 418/841.3410
SO: The Extremist CSOs: Dargoth, Photon
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Give it a try. Or die. at least it rhymes
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