colly of ascii logos by nme
colly of ascii logos by nme
welcome to my home
throw him to the dragon. on to the river, stay where you are. this is my debue
into the art scene, i am new and all. i need friends. i would tell you about
myself, but i give slightly less than a fuck about you all. if you want a ascii
contact me on the screaming tomato. as nme or enemy, whatever i am on there
soap promo for the boys - this font sucks. i am getting better i hOpe?! grr.
enemy1 .,dSSb,. .,dSSb,. .,dSSb,. .,dSSb,.
- - -- il li il li il li il li --
b,.. ,db,. s,
b,. li i
-- i ----
decades promo, cuz i felt like it - this font has been many colors?!
d e c a d e s
nme1 b, ,dSSb, ,dSSb, ,dSSb, Sb, ,dSSb, ,dSSb,
,dS S S ,dS ,dS S
,d nme. ,d ssss
,d S
bleak font for dark shadows? - this ascii sucks. no comment.
enemy1 , , ,
Sea Sea Sea Sea
eaSSea eaSSea
Sea sY s
ggggg gggggg
sY Y sY sY Y
sour on sweet for ??? - this is a better one. i am good at the letter s now
,sP ,sPs, ,sP
P o P
bsssssssss bsssssssss
bd bd bd
sour on sweets!? whOre. nmemiSt
casa del sol logo for fraZZle -
c as a d el sssssss ,db,.. ... ,db. .,S,.
,sP ,sP4s, ,s i i
bsssssssssss ii
Bsssss S
bssd bssd
P bssd P
t he ca sa del s ol
op fr a ZZ le
repO logo for ??? - i like big tops and small bottoms. this font r0x0rs?!
ggP 4gg ggP 4gg ggP 4gg ggP 4gg
:::::::::: r e p o ::::::::::::
:::::::::: b,.,d b,.,d b,.,d 4 ::::::::::::
:::::::::: bss, .,d ::::::::::::
- - s, bssd b,.,d ------
,sP 4 ,s ,sP 4s,
nmemist P
- -- -bsssssssssssss - - --- -
- - P - --
s in ist e r P P P
sssss sssssss sssss nme.
,s ,sP 4 ,s
b,.. P b,..
P bsssssssssssss P
4 4 4
4 4 4
b,.,d b,.,d b,.,d
t he scr eam in g t oma to
---cut here------------------------------------------------------cut here--
-this one is for cthulu and nitnatsnoc. happy 2nd year of running tst. i hope yo
uenjoy your life and stay up. yuckidie! if you want one contact me on any board
that you see me on. toodles pewple. i am enemy, spelled nme, undertsand! phear.