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MiSTiGRiS aRTPaCK 0917
Before everything else, there it is. Gaze upon its splendour. Isnt it great?
Back in the Mist Classic days, we were drowning in iconography. We had so many
logos we had to stick them together into collies to avoid cluttering up our
artpacks with various sundry exercises in branding. For better or worse,
those days are behind us now.
You have seen xer0s work here in our artpacks when he exercises his glitch
muscles, yielding tormented cyberscapes that twitch and writhe to delight and
dismay you, but you may not have been aware that he is also an accomplished
textmode artist, and his works in that idiom appear in Impure and Blocktronics
artpacks. Well, theres a little slice of it, right up on top!
Most of what we do is a style of aggregation or signal-boosting existing works
artists make for their own reasons unrelated to us as an outlet. So its a
valuable and much-appreciated service when artists take it upon themselves to
donate the very materials -- our own branding iconography -- needed to elevate
a zipfile full of graphics files to the hallowed status of an artpack. Without
these little logos -- seemingly a trifle! -- it just aint an artpack. And you
need to know that xer0s above marks the final unreleased textmode logo we had
waiting in the eaves, so wed just like to put out into the world and manifest
our intention to have someone out there in our audience hopefully draw another
few logos so we can make it through the remainder of 2017 at our blistering
I could invite people to make other kinds of submissions also whatever youve
got, if youre reading this, theres a very good chance were interested in
it... but I put my stress where it is because we wont have to pull the plug on
our artpack production line for lack of what youve got. Doesnt mean it
wouldnt class up the joint! We have an anniversary collection coming up in
November, why not make a once-a-year effort to send in something special for
Thats right, you read between the lines correctly, this marks Mistigris 12th
consecutive monthly artpack -- an entire year completed -- since the beginning
of our spree in October of 2016. And the semantics are really unfair, because
really weve now had 13 months of releases, including Melodias 1999 music
disk in September of 2016. But a music disk, as many of my colleagues would be
quick to point out, is no artpack. This feat, of 12 consecutive monthly
artpacks, has been unparalleled since the final 12 artpacks of the classic
underground artgroup iCE in the year 2002. Very possibly there will never
again be an underground artgroup achieving this milestone. And I can
understand why, its a real grinder!
So enough about the birds-eye-view abstract analysis... what is there in this
artpack to interest you? Any trends you might benefit from my indicating?
Its a bit of a hot mess, as our final free play unthemed collection before
the spooky spooky Halloween artpack coming up in October, but individual
artists have followed their own paths with some consistency: You may get a
better feel for BhaalSpawns gaminghaikus oeuvre, finding its footing as we
run them in chronological order... Etana is on a regular spree with her
paintings, we debut a new drawing style for Jordan Lyric, and further
historical ANSI art offerings from the unseen back catalogue of Spitoufs...
... and then, of course, yes Horsenburger gives up a few sets of teletext
portraiture including a suite of characters from 2000AD comic books, moments
from Francis Ford Coppolas film Apocalypse Now, a gang of fools from the
Austin Powers series, and a merry band of Beatles, met head-on by a couple of
Kalchas ShiftJIS pieces and going head to head with Uglifruit for teletext
domination of Phil Collins face, something that I can state with great
confidence has never before elapsed in the history of the underground
All that and more -- theres always a lot of worthwhile material in Mistigris
artpacks, but if you want to see me write up every single piece, subscribe to
the daily Mistigram posting at @mistfunk on Instagram.
All right, so what else is up outside the confines of this archive? We have
it on good authority that that a nice, foil-covered cyberspace-themed issue of
the French fanzine De LEncre Et Des Tripes hit the streets August 20th,
including teletext work by Illarterate and Horsenburger and a collaborative
illustrated piece about Anonymous in translation for the first time! between
Cthulu and Otium, first released back in early 2014 in the 22nd Galza artpack.
Illarterates SETI workshops at Wigan STEAM are winding up -- there are two
more escape room sessions from 10 am - 4 pm on September 2nd and 16th -- and
Unseen Fate has another art exhibition of small paintings hanging until
September 3rd at Espoos Gallery Espoonsilta. Lord Nikons typewriter art
show also remains up at the Esche-Museum in Limbach-Oberfrohna through Oct
15... And hats off to bryface for mounting another Overflow chipmusic event!
Due to curious timing, while this infofile is being written it hasnt yet
happened but by the time anyone gets to read it, it will already be part of
the recent past. But with the calibre of talent on board, its trajectory can
only go in one direction. Were looking forward to reporting further on more
of them into the new year.
Until then... we have a terrifying Halloween artpack to prepare for October,
so lets slop on our Juggalo greasepaint and get down to our grim task.
Mistigris 2017: a real grinder!