The Joint?! by Multiple Artists
The Joint?! by Multiple Artists
-+- the joint -+-- ---+ ---+-
fluorawe quipmist the riddlerlaz impulselaz icepickfuel phomanecho
r1ddler This joint signifies the beggining of a tie and bind that will
cause warmness and togetherness for all of humanity.
donut911 It will show scenesters can combine and be one with the earth.
donut911 It will fill the ozone layer again.
donut911 World hunger will end!
donut911 We will stop pollution!!!
phoman MEEP MEEP
discofunk No you wont. Youll just show that alot of people were bored and
wanted to do a joint.
r1ddler oh jeez--youre alot of fun.
donut911 yeah really. thppfft!
This joint was rad. All that anybody did was just sit there and bitch about
how everyone was taking too long to finish. Yes, you can imagine how cranky
we get at 3-6 AM in the morning once we look out the window and realize that
the sun is comming back up again. But that just goes to show that we can be
half-asleep and still kick some ass. Btw, if you cant read it, too bad--we
can read it just fine...
Note: donut, spear and catch22 were going to participate. spear and donut
dropped out, and c22 needed sleep. next time!