Logos-on-a-Stick by The Extremist
Logos-on-a-Stick by The Extremist
res The Extremist and this my logo colly for this months pack.
This logo
is for some local board to me, the bloody castle...
t h e b l o o
d y
TExT - proud to NOT be in the top 20.
less subtle : eerie sucks fat a
While drawing some test-fonts I came w
ith this, and it was better
than I expected... Tombstones font for Nitro
, that GRIP fontist.
tombs t o n e
418 6 5 9 3 5 2 5
awp: n i t r o
mi s t / g r i p m e m b e r
patriotic shock runs on a 4.77 mHZ XT at
2400 bauds, thus making it
the slowest baud in the 418 AC, but its stil
l the best! hi TNT :
the extremist m1st1gr1s
p a t r i o t i c s h o c k
the board of mind torture
godfucker: the naughty tycoon
mortal fucker: pink lincoln
4 1 8 - 8 4 3 - 8 9 1 9
crystal palace, some local board that will op
en soon...
crystal palace
snowstorms and icecubes!
This is all for this month, expect some m
ore next pak.. If you want
your own TExTLogotm, just dialup 418.841.34
10, and hope for the best!