MIST0722 list of contributors by Cthulu and CoaXCable
MIST0722 list of contributors by Cthulu and CoaXCable
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Contributing artists:
Adel Faure learned in the pandemic summer of 2021 that they were not creating
text art in a vacuum, as they had thought, but that there was a community of
colleagues to work with and learn from. Everything since then has been a
feverish frenzy of creation and getting up to speed.
adelfaure.net / adelfaure.itch.io / twitter.com/adelfaure
AdeptApril Monoceros runs Storm BBS and, for its calendar door, drew a
different ANSI to be displayed daily celebrating famous and obscure holidays
all throughout the year.
april.tech / bbs.stormbbs.com
Atonalospreys credentials and qualifications for participating in an
undertaking such as the commission of a computer artpack are so increasingly
abundant -- now moreso than ever! -- that it would be pointless to elaborate
upon at any further length.
youtube.com/user/antonvanoosbree / instagram.com/atonalosprey
AXB threw down newschool ASCII art with the best -- Remorse, ACiD and Unit --
during the underground computer artscenes silver age, starting in 1996...
but since none of them are around anymore, hes been reduced to slumming with
Axl is a Parisian artist who works in many styles but who stumbled upon the
Japanese flavour of the Commodore 64s PETSCII aesthetic and is feverishly
working every angle of it, machine-generated and bespoke. His NES-style
platform game-in-progress Andarnov rocks that style but is in need of
programmer support.
Mike Blippypixel Rose is a digital artist whose tastes veer toward the
vintage in electronic music and visuals, dabbling in low-poly 3D modeling, LED
pixelart, and teletext as well as work in the distinctive palette of the BBC
Chris D Wil formerly psykoholik, psykoz on efnet irc and area code 713
BBSes returns to the artscene formerly releasing with RCA and sporadically
with true, remorse, serial, etc. after a 21 year absence.
CoaXCable of CoolPHat is a helpful sort, always happy to throw in a handful
of blocks on short notice. Wherever we have a rough spot, hes holding it
together, specialising in infofile art and demoparty participation.
Codefenix is a retrogaming and retrocomputing enthusiast, to the extent of
being SysOp of ConstructiveChaos BBS and dressing it appropriately in ANSI
Darkman Almighty administers the USS Excelsior BBS, and picked up a little
ANSI art along the way so as to better skin his Starbase in cyberspace most
A genuine professional teletext illustrator two decades hence, Steve
Horsenburger Horsley has recently returned to the game for love of the art:
Its kind of frustrating to discover you are good at something only to realise
its pointless in todays world, but I just really like doing it so I am going
to carry on. We feel your pain, Steve! At his website you can commission
original teletext creations from him, so dont delay to get your
own piece of textmode art history!
Illarterate is a multimedia artist from Wigan, UK. Despite attempts to
modernise, he will forever be known as That Guy That Does Teletext Art. But
whoever said thats a bad thing?
twitter.com/illarterate / teletextart.tumblr.com
danfarrimond.co.uk / portfolio.illarterate.co.uk
Taking inspiration from the basic medium of ASCII art, Joni nscii Caparas
treats the characters as design elements on a black canvas, in a fashion
similar to, but fundamentally different from, artscene ASCII practice.
Basically, from their base in Berlin theyve reinvented the artform from
first principles.
instagram.com/joninscii / jonicaparas.com
The Knight is what we like to consider an OG underground computer artist,
emerging in tandem to Mist Classic with a run in Fuel from 1995-1998 in
Belgium, only to disappear for a little longer than we did, roaring back to
life in 2017 in a fantastic profusion of ANSI art in Fuel, then Lazarus.
Kurogao is another bleeding edge textmode visionary straddling the related
but very different worlds of ASCII art and emoji typography, blending both
into single-panel vignettes.
Part of a feral tribe of uncontacted textmode artists at the 8bitMUSH at
ANSIART.COM, LDA emerges from a family textmode art concern to grace us with
the imagery of his people.
You wont see any of Mavriks creative work in our recent archives, but
theres a very good chance that the collection will have passed through his
graciously-offered web hosting at mistigris.org en route to you, picking up
from his historical facilitator role greasing the gears of Mists KiTSCHNet
echomail network from its home at Daemons Gate BBS.
An old dog doing new tricks, MeaTLoTioN has made a return to the BBS scene
after many years away, and this time is trying his hand at some textmode
art, contributing to the UK scene with some attempts at being creative. On a
normal day he enjoys red meat, vegetables, plenty of greens and a shipping
ton of gravy.
Part of a peculiar current of untapped anxious ANSI art energy charging new
talents on the periphery of the digital underground, this time around Odd
got zapped with the voltage.
A Milk Dud isnt a failed candy, but a happy accident, an inadvertent discovery
of something great. Which brings us to Pixeldud.
twitter.com/ThePixelDud / ko-fi.com/pixeldud
Shi-akuma is a mystery wrapped in a riddle stuffed in a gyoza wrapper.
vermileonhart has been into tech since I was a little kid, Ive been
fiddling with computers all my life but my heart has always yearned for the
arts and any means of creative expression... sadly, Ive never been good at
it, or couldnt find any medium that felt fulfilling. But one particular
night it came to me... ASCII art. I remembered my dad and I playing in his
old DOS computer, writing shit into terminals and getting drawings made with
text. And it was like an epiphany: I could make art that was in my tech
realm, and it would pay homage to those old days when I was a kid and
everything was alright. So I became obsessed with it... I started looking for
anything related to ASCII art, found out about BBSs, art packs... all of
And that got me here.
From Twilight, the Legion, Avenge, Fire, Fuel and through to Blocktronics,
the Swede known as Zeus II is a one-man ANSI art industry. Also, a hell of a
Last seen releasing ASCII art in Alphaforce Arc from 1998-1999, Zylone,
Sysop of Planet Caravan, has recently dropped back into ANSI art practice as
though through a wormhole in the space-time continuum.
... and our usual round of greetz to our colleagues at: blocktronics.org,
LazarusBlocks.com, Legacy, impure.nl, galza.org, @hirmuofficial,
soundcloud.com/bitcouver, vanchipmusic.ca, ArakNet and TABNet!