4MYOBS by Codefenix
4MYOBS by Codefenix
i dont think ivanka i moved on here, and i failed. ill
would do that, admit it. i did try to fuck her.
although she she was married. and i moved
does have on her very heavily, in fact,
a very nice i took her out furniture
figure. shopping. i better use
ive said some tic tacs just in case
if ivanka i start kissing her. you
werent know im automatically
my daughter attracted to beautiful-i
perhaps id just start kissing them.
be dating her its like a magnet. just
sorry losers and kiss. i dont even wait.
haters, but my iq and when youre a star,
is one of the they let you do it. you
highest - and you can do anything. grab
all know it! em by the pussy. you
please dont feel can do anything i
so stupid or have a great relation-
insecure, its not ship with the blacks
your fault i will be lock her up lock
the greatest jobs her up...
president that god ever
created i like china. i
just sold an apartment for
fifteen million to someone
from china. am i supposed
to dislike them?i
know words. i have ::
the best words
* * * T H A N K Y O U F O R V O T I N G A G A I N S T * * *