ASCII colly by Trinity!
ASCII colly by Trinity!
sstrmistigrisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssi b,. b,.?P.,d !bs. b,.,ss,. s.s,.s li ,s,s,s,s s,l !: ., :. bsss d . s,. 1b,. ? ,.,. .,dsssssssssdbssssssssbssssssssdbssssssssdbssdbssssssssssd.P? : tribalisarcanebsd!b.bsd !ssbsd. . dbsd? greets to cr, 33, snpurs, dscia, cthulu, yt, fl, bv, hpenguin, spear land all the other c00 dudes that i talk to on irc. oh yah, sylphid, caphood if j00 want one contact me at or call malpractice.
s the dark half
-- @s. .s?s,..,s?s,..,s? s,.
.,s@i .,s@t
t i
., ., opd
by: lordins
? 1 l
,,s s,, .l
.trinity. s to many
affils fer j00!
.,s? ?s,. .s?s,. .
.,s@t l l
-+--- - l -
s,, 1 1
., .,bg, .,bg, .,
is this font to 1
pedestrian for .s .s
you? pffft. 1 l l
l l
.? .?
- +- l s. bg
P.? P.?
the dark half! .trinity. .
+o: lordins
., s,. .,bg, ., .,
+1--2-313373 l .s 1
1 l l
P.? l
.,s@0PY@str .,s@P
:lP :1, 4lP :
.,s@0 Y@str
1 ll11 l
:lP :1
,1 b ,1P
l1 e ,1
1 l
l .,eP S1 .,eP
1 ,1P
@0PY@s,. 1. @0P
.,s@Y P
lP :1, ll: l
P ,dP 1@0PY@s,.
1 1l1: 1 lP
lP :1
,1 .lPl 1 P
a 1 k
l .,aP ,1 .,a1
11 .lP
bs11 lbs11,
l P
S b, bs
b l e a k !
Yo,Popd by dsci
a l
------------ cut here for cool stuff that sucks! --
-errr. i guess i kinda ran out of space a little bi
t. so i kinda had to join the
letters together and make them look shitty. /we well.
this was my first ever
attempt at this style fo ascii. and i like it. if you want a as
chee email me at or j00 can call muh bbs
malpractice - 604-596-4517!
.,sP?s,. .,sP?s,.
.,sP?s,. .,sP?s,.
poop is da shit! poop is da shit! really i
t is! tr sssssss
sss@s ss
--------- cut here and shtuff -----------------------------
-welcome to another aschee production by trinity of mis
tigris productions. first
off i would like to say. that uh. this asskee is for a
guy i saw on irc. i ain
tsure who it is though, w00p. if you want one email me
call malpractice at 604-596-4517 and email the sysopme.