Art Created at the Mistmeet 1.0 by Nit/Df/Tr/Zn/P3/Ks/C
Art Created at the Mistmeet 1.0 by Nit/Df/Tr/Zn/P3/Ks/C
Hello, this is NiTnAtSnOc. Ive started
an ansi collaboration-type project.
If you want to draw ansi, please add to this pic. It can be si
lly, or
non-silly. Darkforce has already added something. Anyway, enjo
Zinc missed added the hunks of slime. cha cha CHA. SHUBOP SHU
2 blocks of shading
by trmist.
hidden text from df
urple text from tr
A message 4 u:
i am no
t a
O 2
/ 4
PTEW!!!! :
read this late
r /
---- 4
How many Chevron stations are there??!?
by zinc
this is NOT a ninja turtle
octopus head by cthulu which was
NOT the
shredder lost due to poor saving rout
when I was a little kid, I wanted to be a mad scientist
. they always had the
best hairstyles.
Igor! bring
out the bug
big ugly head by
looks like a lab coat,
doesnt it?
from here
, it Julius
kinda looks like a bust of
PHEAR the insect
yeah, so I gave up
shading under the
the trick is, every time the text changes
colour someone else wrote a line
once upon a time, there was a reason
- a reason to exist - a reason to carry on
with dull meaningless existence. But th
en before the anvil and pulley system
was set up for him, the rubber chicken carried the mad foo
l between the trees
and get the FUCK out of my toilet, cactus man. I don
t want to hug you
but I would love to look at your big toe. Would you mind
or would you rather..
polka till your eyes pop out of your head and you
r spleen explodes. Suddenly,
as the flamnenco dancers carrying the ostracizer and tuberculos
is wiggled their
crackling, fizzy vomit is turning my face n
umb. Rabid turkey basters are the
only weapons which are capable of neutralizing it. The to
mato, which was the
only object capable of undoing that unholiest of unions -
the marriage of ...
yin and yang. Only different... yet still... the put
rid carcass of Gwendolens
llama could not muster the 8,213 houngans n
eeded to revive it. Cocaine
shiverings and delusions racked the country cottage, shattering
rattling doornobs and filling tubs with tepid jell-o. T
he cows poltergeist
unleashed upon the swaying, gyrating, titillating young
women with whips and
chains and squeedgies to polish the scalpels before the lo
botomy of
experimental proportions was tearing reluctant paranoias a
nd phobias from the
preterite urinal cakes with mint sauce danced and pranced
throughout the night
with the king of the cheezy weener that
was all full o puss and... naphthalene.
Once the gas cleared and the schoolchildren
returned to their basketballs,
which promptly digested one half of their number before ig
niting the fuse and
lighting the wire to trip the switch and ensure that the g
ingham pinafore was
properly fitted beneath the geranium plants by the copper
automaton in the
hallway. Meanwhile, the bugs next door formed an evil plo
t to erect a large
monolith of cheese to degrade and humiliate those who mine
d its core under the
furry doorstep. The air became thick with peril, and the
ground became corrupt
with power as it rips free of the jowls
of the follicle beast that sang with
the voice of a hippopotamus on LSD. Thus was made the fab
led sky boat of the
singing grapefruit.
A quick free writing session by zinc.... missedthegrass
Goliath was tall, stout man who would give anything for a slice of cheese.
One day, he saw a cheese truck standing in the room next to the fish. Not
just any fish, mind you, but the FISH OF DEATH! Goliath was quite upset
at the sight of a bloody fish tail and wanted to cure AIDS, but he couldnt
so he just fell asleep.
The next day, an orange went to town and suffered the same fate. Thats
right: death! The only hope now for the Orange and Radish Anguish Language
ORAL was to find the pencil that had erasers on both ends, and two points
in the middle. Overall, the pensil couldnt edit out latest winnings of
the Readers Digest Contest to Digest the Mop of Anchor Sails and malls
full of banana cream pie. The banana undressed would deny his nudity, and
instead relish in his unevenness of the skin-tight pandorama. An intimate
request, albeit a simple one, was to require a quota of English piddles,
but never French piddles, because a giant clock of Justice was hot on the
trail. This is not a made up story. Why, how COULD it be, because the
mere sentence structure would indicate that cthulu did NOT make it up. In
fact, the sheer poetry in motion of an escaped frisbee would show that
never before in the history of mankind would an alien being green be able
to launch a happy shooting man who loves his guns. The gun is not what you
would expect to eat, because it is not made of chocolate marbles and cream
wafers. The gun is simply made of what you would expect guns to be made of,
and that would make it an unedible gun. The gun of sneeze, however, would
be simple to digest as long as you did not blow it intoa stationary kleenex
of banana cream puffs and ploopy ploppy fananarama cheesles and ploomy
shnapps. The lottery would demand a reinstatement of undeniable faith and
devotion and other cliches adding up to the word DEATH! Now, take this
statement and read it backwards. Then it would make as little sense as it
does going forwards. So, you want? It? Hoho! Yay! Eat me.. Later..
This woofie. Chow.
Wow that was an amazing session. Now I shall go back and laugh at how little
sense it makes, and laugh and laugh, and oh no, Im doing it again. The End.