The Candle by Cthulu/Mavrik
The Candle by Cthulu/Mavrik
Now, if it werent for the title, and the
ANSI thereThe Candle, how many of you
would know what this poem is about? Short but concise, The tallow serpent makes its way I would like to
down ivry shaft of smoothness fay. think of this not
as small, but
The crystal snake, it trickles down, encompassing.
and finds itself upon the ground. It captures
the essence of
The serpents length, unwinding thus, the moment. For
enscribes a path in dry grey dust. how long can one
write about a drip If it moves fast, it stays alive, of wax for,
yet when it slows, it solid dries. anyway?
Transparent skin becomes opaque, Haiku-like in its
Hence the demise of waxen snake. simple elegance
Lit by Cthulu I hope I dont
Ansi by Mavrik sound too
both from Mist pretentious.