Wee! by Halaster
Wee! by Halaster
well.. here be my second ever logo/smallscale colly. and its for mist.
the only prob is that i pretty much had no time this month to draw, so
this colly represents most of my work. ah wel.. next month, expect more
or at least some : hal ansi. i know you all care.
halastermist us coord
----------------------hal-nlog.ans, originally. for me! :-------------------
t h e r e g e n c y
new users should choose apply !!!!
------------hal-thsm.ans, originally. for k-spiff of the hack shack.---------
th hack ack the hack shack the h c s k t h s
the hack shack
this absolutley sucks ... and ks
thought so too, so i made another
one.. it comes next. :
if, for some weird reason, you like
this thing, feel free to mod it and
hal use it ... just keep my name.
-----------hal-ths2.ans, originally. for k-spiff of the hack shack.----------
the hack shack
commands go here in whatever
style you desire. :
---------------hal-bh.ans, originally. for shaolin of birdhouse.-------------
boid house
ops - saice
crs idea
--------hal-pull.ans, originally. for necrophilibastard of pinion. :--------
hal! mist!
der be yer pulldown header, necro.. you have to make the commands: