Logo Colly of Lust by Genocide Kitten
Logo Colly of Lust by Genocide Kitten
this one is for entrance to obsc
urity sp? its okay, ilike it. its a
change. looks like a cake with fr
osting on the top..yum..
-+ entrance to
obscurity +-
the next logo was done for the c
onspiracy for bleak. however, although it
is one of the best logos ive don
e, bleak chinces me out on the trades..:P
the conspiracy - oP: blEAk - warez: lots - sex: beastiali
ty nicole
as this is only the beta of my 029
6 colly, im not sure if i should incl-
ude this next logo..it WAS drawn
neon jesus - oppy: praxis - number: 6o4 942 3o74 - sta
ts: 2many2list
this next little tid bit was draw fo
r coyotes emag, concrete. a bit weird,
as i made the first letter 10 col
umns, and the last column was erased.
wooo. demented prayers of hairy fish
guts logo for pubic enema! woo! woooo!
i am, in all wonderful honesty, r
unning out of things to put in these boxes
dimented peebrains part tweee
dwarf fest 96! coquitlam! my house
! holy cow! read tab/fuzznet for info!
ou MUST be exactly THIS tall to attend this
meet. this picture of a silly dwarf is actually
platinum wea
ring a toque to cover up his now
bald head.
actually, hes just porky the pig.
this little skull duggery logo was
done for grim reaper of mist in trade
for a wicked vga. it was an incredib
ly shitty trade, so ill do another one
skull duggery
blah. we wrote this song, its not t
oo shor its not too long. our only
problem was writing enough words. bu
t thats alright, the chorus is coming
dizes are fun. i hate these cap
- concrete -/- concrete -/- concrete -/- concrete -
the second link network package!
i hate diz captions! oi!
pX pX
link the bloody sausages, mothe rfucker!
that is the end. and she closed the
door. thats all there is, there isnt
any more. well. yeah. cthulu is wait
ing for me in chat while i finish this