Magik Marmalade by Maeve Wolf
Magik Marmalade by Maeve Wolf
qUirkineSs rUles. neVer trUst a maN iN a
reD sUit anD a whiTe pOlyeSter beaRd...
greeTs tO: ar-cheMicaL eLemenT-gOn,
aZ-gaRgameLs caT sMurfS-raeL,
sQ-wapPy thWap creaTiVe naMe-2,
bLacK-heS aLsO a cOder-aRtisT,
rObiN-tOo goOd tO bE trUe-hoOd
-Maeve Wolf-
a.k.a Tatharina I dOnT caRe iF thiS iS realLy haRd tO reaD
m k
a i
m a r m a l a d e -mW
- - -- Magik Marmalade ---- --- -- -
SysOp: Fractal
iCE endOw motiOn
oriGinal anSi kiNd oF tHingO bY: -maeVe wOlf, dOing tHe -adhOc- thaNg