beez . mirage
. 2 aug 93
is ansi was not copied off a comic book. Why?
Because Ive seen enough ansis of SPAWN to la
me a lifetime.
g e n e s i s : 4 Nodes HST/DS - 5 Gigabytes onl
ine : s i s e n e g
Ringdown : +3202-2453498, 24oo+
mirage Belgium Headquar
Renaissance European Headquarters
O8O293 -MiR
Imphobia European Headquarters
Future Crew Distribution Site
Access Denied Distribution Site
Excide Distribution Site
DnA Distribution Site
Faic Distribution Site
Creativity Demo Net 94:81/0
--- CUT HERE ----------------------------------------------------------------
:: footnotes ::
I come back from Alaska, and what do I have to show for it?
A stupid little
totem pole that I copied from one of my photographs. The wizard c
ame from
a SIERRA mag, and HELL whoops, heck knows where that guy with t
he red hair
came from. Well, be happy that Im not making ansis of Bibles or
or something.
TDS .. Yep. I stole your seal of approval and made it into a b
as with the little cut-off thingie. Youre just too trendy.
Carnage .. TC-VOR.MIR . Great Ansi. smirk
Noble .. Whats this about a phone call?