16:12:16 roodolph well
16:12:22 roodolph first she was dumb as hell
16:12:38 roodolph you know i like sucha stupid bitches coz they like to fuck and all that
16:12:48 blkjack Okay
16:12:52 lame- heh.
16:13:08 roodolph ahh and jeffy she used teeths when she sucked my dick!!!!!! YES ! she is damn fucked!
16:13:23 blkjack Yea thats messed up dude.
16:13:28 blkjack How old is she?
16:13:37 Jashiin Teeth?
16:13:43 roodolph fuck i felt like a sausage
16:13:55 blkjack Jashiin: Like a cheese grater!
16:14:18 roodolph yes! damn my skin on my weener!
16:14:28 blkjack Rood how old is she?
16:14:36 roodolph she is 17 years
16:15:03 Jashiin Christ
16:15:03 Jashiin Maybe she didnt know it was a dick?
16:15:26 Jashiin Maybe she thought it to be some weird kind of a hotdog?
16:16:16 roodolph i know one thing: this girl will never touch my hot-rood-dog