10:16:56 Jashiin by the way. spinsane was here rambling about amazing new features of pablodraws new version
10:17:02 Jashiin I got curious
10:17:09 blkjack Its okay
10:17:18 Jashiin the ascii?
10:17:23 blkjack pablo
10:17:31 Jashiin where did you get it?
10:17:39 blkjack http://pablodraw.sourceforge.net
10:17:44 Jashiin and is it true you can now easily type special chars... with no alt+... thing
10:17:50 blkjack Yea
10:17:54 blkjack It has the extended character set.
10:19:23 Jashiin FOUR MEGABYTES??????!??!?!!??!??!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
10:19:30 Jashiin FOR AN ASCII EDITOR !??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!
10:19:33 blkjack I was gonna mention that.
10:19:38 Jashiin theyre all crazy.
10:19:42 Jashiin fuck pablodraw.
10:20:02 Jashiin did they like, insert some random porn mpg at the intro ?
10:20:05 Jashiin shiiit
18:34:24 gylo going to time out
18:34:31 gylo wtf
18:34:32 gylo hehe
18:34:37 gylo sorry wrong channel
18:37:40 -- gylo gylo@koti1-user218.adsl.tpo.fi has left ascii
18:40:30 lame He sure put the black in plantation.
13:49:10 holgiemon Jeff.
13:49:14 holgiemon Shoot me please.
13:50:38 blkjack GURL PROBLEMZ?
13:50:54 holgiemon shes such a wierdo
13:50:58 holgiemon its NOT me
13:51:00 holgiemon its her
13:51:39 blkjack Then forget about her
13:53:22 holgiemon were talking for like 2,5 hours on icq now, every message is a rude one
13:53:24 holgiemon god damn
13:53:26 holgiemon what did I do her?
13:53:28 blkjack Dude.
13:53:30 blkjack ICQ is gay.
13:53:40 blkjack Dont talk to girls over ICQ you weirdo.
13:53:50 blkjack Fuck havent you learned anything?
13:54:58 holgiemon well shes not home, shes at her friends place
13:55:03 holgiemon usually we fon
13:55:05 holgiemon or see each other
13:57:50 blkjack So get the fuck off ICQ you nerd.
14:01:54 holgiemon yeah but then I cant talk to her
14:01:59 holgiemon and I want to get rid of all that
14:11:58 blkjack Hah
14:12:16 holgiemon dont haha
14:12:21 holgiemon im not in the mood for hahas
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