ARE YOU CUT? The early morning of December 10th I randomly asked active
people in the channel ascii on EFNet... heres what their responses
were... Note: t-bob is a weirdo!
Oh, and if you were wondering I, Black Jack, -am- cut.
-msgt-bob are you cut?
-t-boboWiRC@dhcdgh93.Res.McGill.CA like, toned?
-msgt-bob circumsized
-t-boboWiRC@dhcdgh93.Res.McGill.CA cut means like, not quite ripped but
built in new england.
-t-boboWiRC@dhcdgh93.Res.McGill.CA oh, thats pretty personal jeff.
-t-boboWiRC@dhcdgh93.Res.McGill.CA why the FUCK are you asking me?
-t-boboWiRC@dhcdgh93.Res.McGill.CA maybe
-t-boboWiRC@dhcdgh93.Res.McGill.CA then again, maybe not
-t-boboWiRC@dhcdgh93.Res.McGill.CA jeff.
-msgt-bob Yes?
-t-boboWiRC@dhcdgh93.Res.McGill.CA the only people who know this
information are my parents, because they changed my diapers, and my GF,
because she puts it in 2 of her orifices.
-t-boboWiRC@dhcdgh93.Res.McGill.CA and i intend to keep it that way
-msgt-bob Tyler.. do you have the mad foreskin or not? Just tell me
man.. !
-t-boboWiRC@dhcdgh93.Res.McGill.CA why?
-t-boboWiRC@dhcdgh93.Res.McGill.CA WHY?
-msgt-bob cause .. JUST TELL ME DAMNIT!!!!!
-t-boboWiRC@dhcdgh93.Res.McGill.CA uh, no.
-t-boboWiRC@dhcdgh93.Res.McGill.CA jeff. asking someone if theyre cut
is fucking shady
-msgt-bob no as in you have foreskin?
-t-boboWiRC@dhcdgh93.Res.McGill.CA no, i wont tell you.
-msgt-bob Bastard!
-t-boboWiRC@dhcdgh93.Res.McGill.CA if you tell me why you want to know,
and its a good reason, ill tell you.
-msgt-bob Its for educational purposes.
-msgt-bob Thats all I can reveal
-t-boboWiRC@dhcdgh93.Res.McGill.CA fuck education.
-t-boboWiRC@dhcdgh93.Res.McGill.CA is this some scene-wide poll?
-msgt-bob uh... no......
-t-boboWiRC@dhcdgh93.Res.McGill.CA dude.
-t-boboWiRC@dhcdgh93.Res.McGill.CA who else have you asked?
-msgt-bob I cant reveal that.. are you cut or not?
-t-boboWiRC@dhcdgh93.Res.McGill.CA if you cant tell me what this is
about, im not answering.
-t-boboWiRC@dhcdgh93.Res.McGill.CA thats personal info.
-t-boboWiRC@dhcdgh93.Res.McGill.CA okay... im not cut.
-t-boboWiRC@dhcdgh93.Res.McGill.CA asshole
-t-boboWiRC@dhcdgh93.Res.McGill.CA :
-msgt-bob Thank you for your time :
-t-boboWiRC@dhcdgh93.Res.McGill.CA i hate you
-msgvolastyle are you cut? yes
-msgsargon are you cut? what?
-msgsargon circumsized yeah
-msgprst99 are you cut? excuse me?
-msgprst99 circumsized nope why so? :
OH, and a side comment here.. I ended up showing t-bob cut.txt BEFORE the
pack release .. and he felt bad.. so......
-t-boboWiRC@dhcdgh93.Res.McGill.CA why does cut.txt suck?
-t-boboWiRC@dhcdgh93.Res.McGill.CA because it makes me look like a
fucking fruitcake
-t-boboWiRC@dhcdgh93.Res.McGill.CA man, i wish i had the phone
conversation me rob had about prostate stimulation transcribed, thatd
be a *great* log
Sorry Tyler, I had to.
-Black Jack
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