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a tribute to Leroy Thornhill born 1969 oct. 7th , ,
On Octobre 7th, Leroy Thornhill turned 29 years old
:: The Prodigy, short history ::
From the beginning.
The Prodigy was Liam Howlett, with 3 dancers -
Leroy Thornhill, Maxim Reality, and Keith Flint. about 93 At some time
later on, Maxim and Liam was playing with the thought that Maxim was going
to sing on some songs, they tried it out, it was perfect. They released two
albums, Experience1992 Music For The Jilted Generation1994.
Then there was Fat Of The Land1997 which was the bomb, The Prodigy had
developed a new style, and takes another step away from the dancegenre.
Keith Flints voice was for the first time recored - on Firestarter.
And Breathe, which was from the beginning instrumental, and was instrumental
for a long time during the time it was performed live.
For those of you who missed The Prodigys concerts, i might add that Keith
and Maxim *always* runs around all over the stage screaming.
So, to explain why Breathe was not instrumental on Fat Of The Land, im going
to qoute something Liam Howlett said in an interview.
We had been playing Breathe instrumental at concerts for months. But since
Maxim still was screaming during the song, i thought that he might aswell
scream something that actually sounded good with the song. That Keith also
wanted so sing was just nice. All i had to do was to let them in the studio,
started the song, and i sat down and wathched Neighbours for 20 minutes, and
when i came back, they were finished - Liam Howlett
Maxim and Keith now has their own contracts with XL prodigys english record
company and Maxim is going to release some kind of dark, evil HipHop.
Keith is also planning to relesae a solo record, no time is set tho.
You can wonder how that is going to sound, since Keith cant sing, just screa
Liam is the one creating the music, noone else has nothing to say about it.
Of course he listens to suggestions, but Liam is the one with the final word.
Therefore, one may think that Liam is not that comfortable with that Keith
is the one on all magazines, all posters. And to once again qoute Liam:
Let them have their fun - Liam Howlett
// Deviant mimic
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