ascii cluster by malice
ascii cluster by malice
Hallo again everybody! :-
As you can see I didnt quit drawing mostly because Nail said itd be a
waste of talent, so I just cannot stop, right? :-
I wish to send some greetings out to everybody I know and like, especially
The Unconsciousness, Avenger and Kyp, kisses to my darling Nail.
If you want to contact me, try via The Crypt, Nails board that Ill call
from time to time...
C U!
--- the crypt logo for my darling :- -----------------------------------------
aa.. t h e ba...a
.. .bpa .a b
aa a ada aaaaaa
. d ad
: a. b aaa ,
.aa ba. ab d .ad
aa baaab
aa ..aaaba.daaa a ba.
. baadba.. .adba. am!
a.. a a.a
..aad a ?a.a p a .a
a. .? a.. : a. a
--- ethos 9 file description for the unconciousess ----------------------------
another fine track : to blow your minds...
. aaaad
? .a .a .
: . da ?
. aa :
aa a .
. aaaaad b a :
dbaa. . a. d
. aa a
b ETHOS 9 ,baa..a .aa.
a.a a. abaa. . .
::the unconciousness:: ba .. m!