hellbound by cirion
hellbound by cirion
lit cluster 1
h e l l b o u n d
Loneliness, monotony
I truely hate,
yet cannot flee.
That cruel is my fate.
Forgetfulness, diversity
would bring relief,
but I cant see
a way out of my grief.
Stubbornness, fatality
lie in the air
like in a dragons lair.
Hopelessness, indignity
the whole of me.
This truely I despise.
Christmas Greetings
for Bina
Some time ago there was a rose
that I gave you when you were close
but as youre far away right now
I wonder what to give and how.
The only flower I can send
already you hold in your hand.
It is the blooming hope in me
that you have now again set free.
And should this flower ever die
it would cause much more than a sigh
for its my whole world that I give.
Is it to live - or not to live?
And all I want to say by this
is rather short, and this it is:
Despite your doubt, I do love you,
and really wish you loved me, too.
Im trapped in a vault of eternal pain,
burning remnants of hope that was slain
plunge my gloom in a ghastly light
and demonic shadows increase my fright.
The cobwebs of future hang in the air,
of ancient memories I have to beware,
as poisonous haze theyre floating around,
blurring my vision, muffling all sound.
This is the world that I have to bear
despite all the dreads I am bound to fear.
The Creatures of Night are grinning at me,
feasting their eyes on my misery.
A portal leads out, no lock bars my way,
and yet the Usher is cause of delay
for his name is Death and toll he asks for
- this is the price of the heavenly door.
Yet Im not willing to pass the gate
though fear and pain are my gruesome fate,
but every defeat of my suffering soul
is a gamble with Death and makes the dice roll.
The dreams of a fool
condemned his soul,
he was but a tool
- this was Demons goal.
Lost in reflection,
attracted by doom,
no resurrection
will follow his gloom.
And nothing remains
without bitter taste,
his heart full of stains,
his life he did waste.
The Demon warned him.
Im evil She said.
But hope betrayed him,
he lost all he had.
He followed the calling,
ignoring the fact
that he would be falling
how ever hed act.
Though no real joy
lit up his mind
whilst being a toy
of demonic kind,
he now feels worse,
bound by a spell,
the Demons curse
has sent him to hell.
The fool has been killed
and with him all hope.
His duty fulfilled
hes tying his rope.
Again I lost a part of mine,
again I lost my light,
again I drown my pain with wine,
again Im full of fright.
Again my love has jilted me,
again betrayed by my own soul,
again to be or not to be,
again my hearts like a black hole.
I only mourn and think about
what wrong I might have done,
but all I feel is this strong doubt
that once again Ill see the sun.
For full of gloom my world remains
whatever I might try,
just pain and fear run through my veins
so I should better die.