pictures & other lit by bishop
pictures & other lit by bishop
lit cluster 1
p i c t u r e s
I am not you
but you wouldnt
give me my chance
dont allow me to be myself
If I were you...
but you know:
I am not you,
nevertheless you
wont allow me to be myself
inspired by the Birds of Prey and Max Colin
Cold blows the wind
The harbor seems quite and cold
boring and strange
deep in the heart of nowhere
seems like the ass of the world
Waiting, Sitting alone in the dark
The town is empty
nothing seems to be alive
time passes, he walks through the streets
sometimes he sees something move, a sign.
It was a long time ago
he left this place
Suddenly a dog appears and he
becomes nervous, of worried mind
Searching for his cigarettes
On board, theres all he needs
His ship is leaving the harbor
Going out aimless to the sea
He used to do so every Saturday
Sudeenly he remebers
Hes not smoking so much
Hes seeing all in black and white
Clearly he can see the shape
But to him it seems meaningless
He damns the day
He damns the night
His wife is far away
With the dog
He used to beat the animal so many times
He doesnt regret it
Many things have changed til then
Many times he thinks of this
Then he starts to drink
A storm is coming up
The waves are raising high
Of course hes used to this
He doesnt know whats up with him
Its becoming worse
Maybe in the past there was hope?
Then he knows it again
Theres no way out
Not yet
Or maybe...
He tries it
He succeeds