paranoia! by rorshack + minotaur
paranoia! by rorshack + minotaur
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After several months 8?! of lack of big ansi pictures done by myself, I am
proud to present this one. Ok I know, Spawns easy to draw. Thats ok. I have
decided not to draw any other Spawn : but this one was requested by a great
friend of mine, Hexadecimal, from Paranoia BBS. Yes yes I draw only Spawns, I
am sorry. I am about to finish other ansi pictures of other characters, and if
I have time enough you will soon see it. Ok? Satisfied? :
The chain is kinda strange, I know. Chains sucks in ansi thats why I have
drawn only one of the three chains from the original picture.. hehe
And remember to visit Maiden Brazil redesigned website!!
P.S.: Although a Spawns easy due to the lack of hair or mouth, I think I have
done a great color work here also some weird stuff, hehe, nevermind and made
this a really nice picture. And this is not so easy to do.
- Rorshack
Woa.. 117 well-used lines!! :
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weird, uhn?
fuck, I know...
...weird rules! :
greets to zack RATM
tomm RATM
and stuff.