free stuff! get this by rorshack
free stuff! get this by rorshack
Remember one month I said I was going to release monthly
FREE ansi for anyone
to use?
Well, due to the lack of time :, I could not keep my pr
omise. I wasnt able to
release free stuff every month.
Well, anyways, I will release free stuff ever
ytime I can. :
This month Im releasing a strange screen outline. It al
so has a dragon on it,
too! : by the way, the drawing is completelly done by
myself, it wasnt
ripped from any comic magazine or anything.
This is not a matrix! heheh finally
Use this wherever you want, in whatever you want. Use as
a BBS menu, BBS
bulletin, BBS list, user info, conference selection, mes
sage, PPE, modding
file, DOS program, WHATEVER! Just remember:
* Do NOT modify it
* Do NOT strip my sig of it it was done
by ME, remember!
Good luck. Any ideas, comments, suggestions, email me.
Dont forget: dont believe the hype!
Rorshack -
maiden brazil