paranQia rnenu by rorshack
paranQia rnenu by rorshack
p a r a n
o i a
x super metro
id x ro
ckn roll racing x
x tetris+bomb
lis x s
uper contra x
x double drag
on x ca
stlevania x
bla bla
x contra
x fatal fury
x duh, fill h
x battletoads
x super mario
4 x fo
rget this
x street figh
ter x a
ctraiser ii x
one more, hum
x bomberman i
ii iii x g
houlsn ghosts
x i really dunn
x adventures
of lolo x b
eavis butthead
x ok, the end
------8---cut cut cut cut ctu ctu tcu cctutcut ctunct
cutn cunt cunt cunt------
le coments
- this menuset is done for hexadecimal, sy
sop of paranoia
- requested alive on the meganet meeting feb/1996
here it is, dude! i havent forget it :
- really cute, isnt it? :
- to request an ansi, teach me agressive inline sk8in