aweeeeeeeeeeeeee by rorshack
aweeeeeeeeeeeeee by rorshack
I was just tired of it all.. searching for some warez while a
ttempting to find
intelligent life on irc.. with no success
So I just though..
Lets download some pack
And then I moved to After acessing it via CuteFTP
I was trying to
access it via but, for some unknown
reason, the 2
weeks files section insisted in showing me packs from 3 year
s ago so I just
jumped into ftp because it rules
So I found awe9708.
Cool, AWE rocks
I just downloaded the pack.. you know, I was feeling just lik
Drawing sucks
But I saw the AWE pack and then I just though..
ARGHL this guys rules! I must draw NOW!
So I draw :
One of the few good stuff you are still able to find on the s
cene nowadays
I am talking about attitude - ansi art - great skills
BTW, that anti-rar stuff is great. Anyways, I have always pre
fered the ARJ
file format. :-
- Rorshack
The ansis on your neighbours garden are always mor
e colorful