lure infofile 001
lure infofile 001
lure enticement 1
You know, thanks and all.. you will get a free donut..
Okay people, Lure.. its a group that started a while ago, by tna and cryogenic,
Unfortunately tna ran away!, and we thought this idea was never going to take
off, but fortunately, i decided to pull my fingers out of my asshole and do
something about it, which was to release..
The lineup of artists in lure is amazing, we have cryogenic, shrimp guest,
cleaner, zedfactor, myself avg, and we cant forget the all time kick ass
aussie artist p0rtia, his ansis always blow me away.. And i cant forget to
mention black lightnings guest for this pack, thanks alot dude, i appreciate
this heaps!
I hope this pack somewhat inspires all of you and makes you feel the need to
draw, uhmm nothing more to say from here, so may you all go in peace, and be
happy that we got this pack to you!