leper society notes - 11/96 by phorce phed
leper society notes - 11/96 by phorce phed
leper society
pack xvii - november 1996
i had high hopes for this pack as forge assured me that he was going to
stick with it and pinguino said something about guesting. but then
thanksgiving rolled around and i had projects for school that had to be
completed. forge decided to only guest supposedly quitting the scene
and pinguino never came through--with no promise of make-up at some point
in the future.
one bright note is that i got off my ass and created a web page for ls
at http://yakko.cs.wmich.edu/phorceph/. will update the superunknown
info soon...there are plenty of things that need it.
speaking of updating, this pack is basically a clone of the last one. i
swore i would never do this, but i also swore i would never fail in a
release date and look what we have here: this pack is a week late.
i may have to kill some of the headquarter boards off the list if i cant
contact them. it seems i couldnt reach a few of them last time.
as always we are accepting members. visit the web page for everything
you need to apply.
phorce phed