leper society notes - 5/96 by phorce phed
leper society notes - 5/96 by phorce phed
leper society
pack xiv - may 1996
technopolegik has been busy coding. a beta of leperview iv has been included
in this pack - check it out, it can backscroll now! techy has also been
working on the application generator and the html for a leper society web
ive been weeding the member list quite a bit. living paranoia quit,
stygian dropped off the face of the earth, megadose has quit but promises
to come back for a guest apearance some day and rumish was caught submiting
ripped ansi to another group he was in. this leaves us with some inactive
artists but i am still holding out for this to change. genocyber lost
his internet access and his board went down, incognito also lost his
internet access and psichosonic has been busy doing real life things.
heres a rumor: malachai may be coming back at least as a guest artist even
though i always spelled his handle wrong on the member list.
after being our western hq for longer than i care to reference, enemy unknown
has stepped down. but magellan referred me to the excellent west coast art
board evil intentions this is our new western hq. also tribal has
volunteered his board arcane to be the australian hq, citing it as the
best art board in australia. hopefully it will stick around longer than
our previous aussie hqs.
as always: if you want to join leper society contact me on irc PhorceP,
through email phorceph@grfn.org or through the application account on the
library of alexandria handle: leper password: leper.
phorce phed