leper society notes by phorce phed
leper society notes by phorce phed
leper society
pack xxi - january 1996
well as usual there is good news and bad news. in the bad news tonight we
have rival leaving ls, no new application generator and no new viewer. the
rest of the bad news is that grene was dropped due to a really large tract of
inactivity he is quoted as saying wow, ls is still around?! even though
he has the last pack up on his board.
in other news we have the punisher changing his nick to megadose and his board
name from nausiatic depressions to image x. you will be tested on this.
in the good news we found a whq! call library of alexandria today and apply
to leper society using the leper account. we now have an italian hq.
leperdcc should be up as soon as i can get myself set up with a decent
provider that allows bots, so look for it very soon on leper. still more
good news is that we have a new member. giger draws ansi and vga but has
no showing in this pack as he just applied today. you can look forward to
seeing his work in the next pack.
its a small pack, once again. but people are always complaining about large
pack size these days anyway.
phorce phed