Lore01 news by Lore
Lore01 news by Lore
From an end, always comes a beginning
And this is what is called THE AFTERMATH!
Hi, and welcome to Lore 1. For those of you who havent heard of us as of yet, Lore is a group of artists who believe in equality, and respect. As you
can see by the memberlist at this point we are a rather small group of less thentwenty members, but we are always looking for new members in the mediums of
ansi, vga, and rip.
If your interested in applying to Lore send an email to lorearts@usa.nettelling a little bit about yourself and a zip showcasing your artwork. The
application will be sent to our mailing list and will be voted on by our
members. Once the voting results are completed you will be notified of the
results. If you are voted in then welcome aboard, but if not dont allow
yourself to get discouraged. Practice up your skills and feel free to apply
again. Just because you may have gotten rejected the first time doesnt mean we
hate you and never want to see your face againwell in most cases anyways:.
Our web page is currently under construction, and with a little luck
should be fully operational just in time for the second lore pack in december.
If not then look for the lore arts webpage for the start of the new year in
1999. If anyone is interested in helping out to speed up the process please
email either robg@laker.net or maligore@tht.net with your ideas or how you wouldlike to help.
Well, that is pretty much it for this month. I figure that I will save
all my babbling and rants for the second pack, so from Ellisdee and the whole
Lore crew we hope you enjoy the pack and we will see you when you get there.