Legacy Krew NFO file by tnt<b7> and 5m<LGCY>
Legacy Krew NFO file by tnt<b7> and 5m<LGCY>
r- - x
It seems like eons ago ..... . .
Getting past the adversities ... // /
Theres been so many things that occurred since our last pack release.
We are thankful that everyone has pulled through another year through this
COVID situation. One of our very own survived it after months of being
in the hospital. He struggled and fought hard only to continue his life
with months of rehab and recouperation. Even after experiencing what he
had to go through, FRESH RICH used art as his therapy and produced some
amazing ANSI for this pack to showcase his process in drawing them. Were
glad youre OK brother Rich. The Legacy fam sends our LOVE.
When a group doesnt release on the regular, many feel that its just a
precursor to the untimely announcement of its demise. Its NOT in this
case because the SAGA CONTINUES. This is our fourth pack and its filled
with some juicy bits. A bunch of morsels and sugary treats from ANSI,
ASCII, PETSCII, and Glyph Font Sorcery. Weve been busy in the kitchen
and weve cooked up a storm. We hope that you enjoy one of our LARGEST
releases to date. We apologize for the long wait.
The Beginning
Moebius 1, Moebius 2, Moebius 3... // /
How many versions of Moebius are out there? At one time youd hear
that artists were either using Moebius or Pablodraw. Since the release
of Moebius there are multiple other instances besides the original
one. Ive got 4 versions. The OG stable version that is currently being
maintained by Blocktronics, the Glyph Font Club version released by
synkedam, the JeJackson version with the addition of extended color
palette tools, and the killer updated version of Moebius by synkedam that
allows you to use glyphs, extended color palettes, and the ability to
export fonts too. You can never have 1 too many ansi draw programs. I
still jump into PabloDraw to make some last minute edits before pack time.
So which one is my favorite? To tell you the truth, I tend to use them
all depending what Im looking to draw at that moment.
Its nice to see continual work on these modern ANSI Draw
programs. Etos made Pablodraw an open source project too and
is continuing work on what was a gold standard in modern
ANSI programs. It was the first tool that many of us used to
collaborate with other artists. Blocktronics generated some
of the most EPIC ANSI scrollers with Pablodraw and is still
a go to favorite by many veterans of the block arts.
E x e l s i o r !
The Middle
Props to guests and our NEWEST members
Special thanks to our returning guest artist tainted who has always
shown much love and support for the krew and to some new guests like
Zaal, Warpus Lazarus, and Abstrakt Lazarus. Your contributions are
greatly appreciated. Our Legacy fam has also grown by the addition of
Kid Frost and JJ. Welcome to the fam KF and JJ.
Were constantly looking for NEW members, and always open to anyone
that would like to guest in our packs. If youre interested you can
find us all on our Discord Server.
Our Legacy Krew Ohana
Smooth, Anachronist, CatX, Fresh Rich, Mad Dog, Hayn9, Kid Frost NEW!,
JJ, CoaxCable, 0dd, G, The Knight, Meatlotion.
Our file Distribution
Youll be able to find all of our packs on Sixteen Colors.
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The End